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at the café

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking downtown and spotted this block of ice/snow on the outside window pane of a café. It amused me. It looked to me like a woman sitting in a chair, taking part in the scene behind her.

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Lem quote

From His Master’s Voice by Stanislaw Lem (Michael Kandel’s translation):

Literature, from the very beginning, has had a single enemy, and that is the restriction of the expressed idea. It turns out, however, that freedom of expression sometimes presents a greater threat to an idea, because forbidden thoughts may circulate in secret, but what can be done when an important fact is lost in a flood of impostors, and the voice of truth becomes drowned out in an ungodly din? When that voice, though freely resounding, cannot be heard, because the technologies of information have led to a situation in which one can receive best the message of him who shouts the loudest, even when the most falsely?

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