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self portrait

I need to figure out a way to look at my art through the eye of a casual viewer. Though I like the over all feel of this, I keep looking at it and focusing on the too-brown shadows under the lips and left eye, the slightly-off shape of the lips, the white patches in the hair, the flatness of the left eye, and so on. Sadly, with colored pencil there is a limit to the amount you can go back in and fix things.

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Another tip for those in Buenos Aires. If you love books, art, music, and movies, there is a lovely little bookstore in Caballito I can recommend. Mind you, I’m not using “little” as an affectionate cutesy-poo diminutive. The store is legitimately tiny. It’s called Cobra Libros and can be found at Aranguren 150 near el Parque Centenario. (It’s always so awkward inserting Spanish phrases into English sentences and vice versa. At least when it’s written, I can avoid the question of whether or not I ought to switch accents as well.)

Despite its smallness, Cobra screens movies, hosts concerts, and displays art as well as selling books. It also sells zines and handcrafted notebooks and is a good place to find leaflets about interesting events.

Anyway. In addition to promoting a place I like, I wanted to show off. I’ve been taking a bookbinding class at Cobra and today I finished my second book.

Now let’s rewind.


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