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Pionir 10

The rest of their album is freely (and legally) downloadable at the Free Music Archive.

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Kristin Hersh

I wonder if most people don’t have one single musician (or group of musicians) who they’ve loved for all of their adolescence and adulthood, whose songs continue to evolve with the person as they grow older, taking on new meanings like a rolling die — meanings that maybe were always there in the musician’s original conception of the song, but that only chance situations and life experiences will reveal to the listener.

I marvel at the power of a song that manages to pack into just four minutes the roaring gush of thought/emotion that follows a person’s preteen behind all the way up to their eighty-seventh birthday, somehow managing to adapt to the changing terrain and stay relevant though the notes, rhythms, and (if they’re present) words never change.

Although Prince quotes litter my Facebook profile, I was Prince for Halloween one year, I have a fantastically gaudy pair of love symbol earrings, and “uh, I like Prince a lot” is my standard answer when asked what type of music I listen to (so that I can avoid telling them more than they probably want to hear), for me this musician would be Kristin Hersh — Kristin Hersh’s solo career and her work with the band Throwing Muses, more specifically.

The emotions carried by the pitch of the voice and the snakelike guitar have always made sense intuitively and I could spot patches of meaning peeking in the spaces between those dark impenetrable words I couldn’t understand. Paradoxically, the abstract waftiness clung to my twelve-year-old self, but the concrete foundations it was built on floated away. Only as I get older am I really learning what the songs are “about.”

Anyway. I love this woman’s music a lot. I also love that reading interviews with her got me into ’80s punk and old country. I also-also respect that she cut all her ties with record companies and has been innovating a new business model that works better for her.

Meandering thoughts aside, I thought I’d post some Youtube links.


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Little Maggie

This is one of my favorite songs. I’ve yet to hear a version of it I don’t like (though I’m sure they’re out there).

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Linda Jones

Many people claim that such-and-such is “the best song ever.” These people are full of shit. Trust me: the best song ever is Linda Jones’ version of “For Your Precious Love.” How do I know this? Fine. I don’t. I just hope, given how visceral and shivery my reaction is every time I hear it. It kicks me in the gut — hard.

Colin Escott calls Linda Jones’ later recordings for Turbo “probably the most gloriously histrionic soul records of all time.” I like that. Her voice isn’t for everyone, but for those who aren’t scared off by a musician pouring everything they have into their music, there’s really no one better.

Almost just as amazing is “That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You.” I think the best part is the end with the fade-out on her voice-cracky scream.

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She makes the most amazing faces in this video! Never has diabolic been so cute.

As a bonus, I share a birthday with her. My mom’s friend has a story about Eartha Kitt snatching the olive from her martini without asking. I love that image.

It’s too bad she’s no longer with us. I wish I could have met her.

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Last night I saw Damo Suzuki playing with members of Pez, Ül (ex-Reynols), Honduras, and Compañero Asma. It was this amazing 2.5 hour psychedelic jam session. I love the way Damo shrieks, can sing in his “normal” voice, but can also somehow adopt a deep gravelly voice that songs like an aging blues singer. He sung with his head tilted strangely to the side and was extremely courteous and “thank you so much for coming” the whole night.

Because I don’t know yet who the audience of this blog is/will be, this is Can, a band Damo Suzuki sang with once upon a time.

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