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1) Studied for a solid block of 24 hours.

2) Frantically got dressed and took a taxi to class so we could hand in the resultant paper in time.

3) Ate a surreal, sleep-deprived lunch.

4) A trip to Mondo Macabro, followed by hearing strains of “Thriller” in the street. Followed my ears to the Obelisk where there was a DJ playing a Michael Jackson tribute, breakdancers (apparently — there was such a crowd that I could see nothing), people in costume, posters, what have you. It was beautiful witnessing and taking part in a spontaneous and large gathering of strangers dancing and singing. I’m going to miss that aspect of living in a big city. Buenos Aires, too, loves Michael Jackson.

5) Two people approached me with a microphone and camera. They asked me if I was a “fan├ítica de Michael” and then if I’d say “I want to see the video for You Rock My World!” in both English and Spanish. So it’s possible I’ll be on TV — the Argentine version of MuchMusic, if anyone happens to watch that.

6) Had dinner, slept twelve hours. Had a dream about befriending and cuddling with a group of rhinoceroses, then watching in horror as an evil villain poured liquid feces from the window of a nearby tower, drowning and killing my lumpy gray friends. Yes, this is the valuable information my subconscious had to share with me after stifling its expression for a night.

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I’ve been reading up on this Arnold Schwarzenegger park closure thing. It’s funny; I hadn’t thought about them in a while, but now that I am, I truly miss California redwoods. I miss craning my neck to see how high they reach, the soft musty feel of their bark, their deep earthy scent, the star-shaped patch of blue sky in the middle of a redwood circle, and building forts inside their burnt-out hollows on camping trips as a kid. I’m suddenly struck by a powerful desire to go, right now, to the Muir Woods.

Is there anything, anything, more beautiful than these?

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Buenos Aires has some phenomenal trees. Nonetheless… Redwoods, guys. Redwoods.

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